Editor + Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code is my editor of choice since 2017. Before that I used Atom for a while and Coda, now called Nova, for over a decade.
  • Dracula Pro is my theme everywhere. It's a great boost on productivity having all apps with the same color scheme.
  • Hyper is my terminal of choice. Before that I used iTerm 2 for a long while.
  • Firefox Developer Edition is the main browser I use when working on something. Regular firefox for daily browsing and everything is synced with iOS and iPad.
  • JetBrains Mono is my choice of font in editors and terminals.

Desktop apps

  • 1Password for password management.
  • Alfred is a big time-saver, especially with a bunch of workflows and the powerpack added on top of it.
  • Little Snitch for network blocking and privacy.
  • Magnet for window management and snapping things nicely.
  • Micro Snitch for extra layer of privacy.
  • Numi is the calculator. Also integrated with Alfred.
  • Pikka for color picking everywhere.
  • Sketch is my preferable editor, even though we use Figma at Off Script.